Water Treatment by Walid Elshorbagy and Rezaul Kabir Chowdhury

By Walid Elshorbagy and Rezaul Kabir Chowdhury

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By Walid Elshorbagy and Rezaul Kabir Chowdhury

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Results are listed in Table 5. 46 Water Treatment Table 4. Characteristic times Figure 6. Comparison between the shape of toxic index curve and the shape of model concentration ratio curve at Bohumín station on 9 January 2012. Some Details of Mathematical Modelling of Effluents in Rivers Downstream of a WWTP 47 Table 5. 5 (see Figure 7). The Equation (11) allows for solution of the longitudinal dispersion coefficient, provided that the plot against early-time data reasonably falls as a straight line.

Analysis of the results Two methods based on the concept of tolerance, the method of feasible directions and the multipliers method, have been developed in this research, and solved using computer software. Due to the limited length of this article, only the multipliers method that leads to better results is presented in this work to demonstrate the theory and application of flexible tolerance. The quadratic regression cost function is used to obtain the nonlinear objective function. 11017 of capital recovery factor, and 25 years design life for the water treatment plant.

Using the methods of calculus, analytical solutions are developed that provide the predicted solute concentration as a function of time and space. Analytical solutions are derived for conservative substance, constant velocity, constant discharge, constant cross-sectional area and constant dispersion coefficient. Point sources such as accidental spills may be viewed as instantaneous sources [10]. For a spill, the solution to ADE can be obtained using the method of Fourier transform. For a continuous rectangular input the solution can be obtained using the method of Laplace transform described by [8].

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