Visual Basic. NET by example by Gabriel Oancea; Robert P Donald

By Gabriel Oancea; Robert P Donald

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By Gabriel Oancea; Robert P Donald

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A debugger is a tool used by software developers to execute software step by step. Using a debugger, you can stop at any point in your software and inspect it to see if it is behaving as you expected. In Release mode, there is no extra information created as part of the generated code. The resulting code is lean and optimized for faster and better performing code. Most developers build their project in Debug mode until the project is nearly finished. Once the project is fairly stable in its development, you may want to start building it in Release mode to further test it and verify that the project continues to run normally.

You can execute the project in the debugger by selecting Debug, Start or by pressing the F5 key. If you do not want to run in the debugger you can select Debug, Start Without Debugging or by pressing the Ctrl+F5 keys simultaneously. 4 shows the sample application running using the F5 key to start it. This example shows nothing more than a simple blank form. NET development environment. 48 Chapter 3: Compiling and Running the Application For those readers familiar with debuggers and stepping through applications, the F9 key is used to toggle a breakpoint on and off on the current line in the Code window.

This type of program does not have a user interface that you can interface with. NET. The initial structure of this project includes the default service and any project references as a result of importing assemblies. Your computer currently has a set of services that was installed as part of Microsoft Windows. You can display the list of registered services by clicking on the Services icon in the Administrative Tools in your Control Panel. 7 shows the Administrative Tools folder and the Services icon you would need to click on.

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