Verjuengung auf natuerlichem Wege by Arnold Ehret

By Arnold Ehret

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By Arnold Ehret

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G. - I I C- H + ·OH - c· + H2O (19) .. ·OH - s· + H2O (20) or - S - H + Abstraction from a C-H bond is usually associated with some activation energy and the rate constants are consequently found to be lower than for a merely diffusion controlled reaction such as the H-atom abstraction from a thiol group. C-H bond cleavage may nevertheless be of significance, particularly in large molecules with many of these bonds. This is illustrated in Table 1 which shows the yields of radicals observable in the ·OH induced oxidation of various alcohols together with the overall abstraction rate constants.

Originally, it was assayed by a direct end-point method where consumption of GSH is determined by colorimetry or polarography. These methods are fairly laborious, but the introduction of a coupled assay procedure by Paglia and Valentine (1967) made measurements more convenient. In this procedure, glutathione reductase is used as an auxiliary enzyme to regenerate reduced glutathione from oxidized glutathione at the expense of NADPH. The reaction can then be followed kinetically by measuring the rate of falling of absorbance at 340 nm 26 or 366 nm.

1967, Studies on the quantitative and qualitative characterization of erythrocyte glutathione peroxidase, J. Lab. Olin. , 70:158. , 1984, A novel biologically active seleno-organic compound - III. Effects of PZ 51 (Ebselen) on glutathione peroxidase and secretory activities of mouse macrophages, Biochem. Pharmac. 33:3247. , 1985, Determination of selenium at ng/g- and pg/g-Ievels by hydride generation atomic absorption spctrometry in biotic materials, FreaeniuII' Z. Anal. , 321:225. 9) activities of New Zealand residents and visitors to New Zealand, Br.

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