The Ethics of Psychological Research by J. D. Keehn (Eds.)

By J. D. Keehn (Eds.)

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By J. D. Keehn (Eds.)

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S. The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, 2nd Regarding their own behavior, psychologists are senedn. Univ. Chicago Press, Chicago, 1970. 26. Middlemist R. , Knowles E. S. and Matter C. F. sitive to the prevailing community standards " What to do and what to report : a reply to Koocher. J. At the start of the 1980's social psychologists Personal, soc. Psychol. 35, 122, 1977. should now be sensitized to the community's values S. Obedience to Authority: An Experimental and concerns regarding privacy and should be wary 27.

Our second paradox relates to the fact that the methodology of the psychologist and the police may be identical. ). My favourite example involves investigators [18] who hid under students' dormitory beds and in washrooms to analyze their conversations. Not overlooking the obvious, they also eavesdropped on telephone conversations. Now we are beginning to see that we have come full circle, so that the police have come to the social scientist for inspiration. CRISES IN SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY The period of the late 1960's marked a resurgence of ethical concern on the part of social psychologists.

L. Effects of deceiving and debriefing psychological subjects on performance in later experiments. J. Personal, soc. Psychol. 14, 203, 1970. 40. Strieker W. , Messick S. and Jackson D. Suspicion of deception: implications for conformity research. J. Personal, soc. Psychol. 5, 379, 1967. 41. Strodtbeck F. , James R. M. and Hawkins C. Social status in jury deliberations. Am. Sociol. Rev. 22, 713, 1957. 42. Strodtbeck F. L. and Mann R. D. Sex role differentiation in jury deliberations. Sociometry 19, 3, 1956.

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