The Devil's Chemists - 24 Conspirators of the International by DuBois

By DuBois

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By DuBois

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The 1st NATO technological know-how discussion board was once held in Biarritz in September 1990. This Taormina convention is the second one in a sequence that we want to be an extended one and that i think that it has equalled the luck of its predecessor. In constructing those conferences the NATO technology Committee desired to assemble major specialists to study fields of robust current curiosity.

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The desk was plain; the bottom of two drawers fell out as they searched; but they found nothing important there. Beside the desk were two large paper file boxes — not the famous Farben-made fiber boxes. 's found a collection of telegrams from Hitler, Goering, and others congratulating the "Geheimrat Schmitz" and "Justizrat Schmitz" on his sixtieth birthday. The investigators addressed him sarcastically by his titles. Geheimrat meant Privy Councilor, and when they called him that in mock-respectful tones, he nodded in curt acknowledgment.

That is the question we shall have to answer for the court. I know it's complex. But the simplest thing we should be able to prove — their slave-labor activities —is troublesome, too. Let me show you something. " He scanned the brief the staff had prepared. Slavery was horribly depicted, no doubt of that. Here was the story of man hunts in the streets of Germany — at the motion-picture houses, at churches, and at night in private houses. Outside Germany, some of the Nazi methods had their origin in the blackest period of the African slave trade.

In two statements, Baron von Schnitzler had cast doubt on practically everything he had said in 1945. I told them the news. The Baron now said that he "had not been technically qualified" to say many of the things he'd said. " Sprecher shouted above the din. Might as well face it — without Von Schnitzler, half the case would collapse. Belle Mayer thrust a finger near his face. "Let's be reasonable! Most of his admissions were not technical at all — so where does he get off with that argument?

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