The Call-Girls by Arthur Koestler

By Arthur Koestler

During this novel the call-girls are the lads and girls of the foreign jet-set who, on the raise of a cellphone, will fly from convention to congress to symposium to debate matters of worldwide value. This time where is Switzerland and the topic Survival...

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By Arthur Koestler

During this novel the call-girls are the lads and girls of the foreign jet-set who, on the raise of a cellphone, will fly from convention to congress to symposium to debate matters of worldwide value. This time where is Switzerland and the topic Survival...

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Johannes Robin, formerly Rabinowich, was making money again, though on a far more modest scale than that which he had known in Germany. Johannes didn’t sell anything to Nazis or Fascists—he left that to his long-time partner, Robbie, who had a stronger stomach. Johannes was tireless in reading newspapers and technical journals, watching out for large-scale business enterprises which perhaps had never realized how they might speed up their work by the use of airplanes. A greatly changed Johannes Robin from the eager and rather egotistical person whom Lanny Budd had happened to meet on a railroad train in Europe nearly a quarter of a century ago.

In America it was supposed to be “sporting” to take divorce lightly and remain friends; and Irma, as an American, would take that right. Nobody, save perhaps the rector of Wickthorpe parish, would be shocked to meet her ladyship’s first husband at dinner in her home; and Fanny Barnes would take the rector off, explain matters to him, and require him to show a true Christian spirit. For heaven’s sake, let him get away with it, and don’t say a word, don’t even frown, but make him feel that he is the most appreciated of personalities!

One hour every morning she sat for him; not being a chatty person, she sat for the most part in silence, considering whether the armor room of the castle should be left in its present gloomy condition, or should be done over in batik or something else cheerful. Irma was only twenty-seven, but had lived a great deal, so she considered; she had come close to those satanic forces, and been shocked to the depths of her otherwise placid being; she hated them, and knew that she was going to devote her influence, social and political as well as financial, to combat them.

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