Terrors of the Screen by Frank Manchel

By Frank Manchel

Illustrated evaluate of the heritage, strategies, characters, and plots of horror motion pictures from world wide.

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By Frank Manchel

Illustrated evaluate of the heritage, strategies, characters, and plots of horror motion pictures from world wide.

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S. preferred a good, smooth, visual story. was particularly adept at fine! The And Robinson creating polished and sensible screenplays which were noted for their simple but dramatic touches of mood, decor and characterization. His film adaptation of the Stevenson work not only brought him major triumph, but also provided the finest screen version of the popular tale. silent his era with first its In addition to the picture's thrilling and effective use of camera angles, lighting and editing, the script had two fundamental changes from its predecessors.

Then mayhem breaks out: un- believable battles between gigantic creatures of the Stone Age, death-defying exploits by brave men, and a grand capture of a monstrous brontosaurus. The proud explorers re- London with hoping for fame and fortune. Instead, the savage denizen frees himself and nearly destroys turn to their prize, the city before his slips away campaign described What made the movie one vertising the brilliant technical skill to his "virgin world," as the adit. of the ten best of the year of Willis O'Brien was and the superb photography of Arthur Edeson.

This time the His first action involved a misguided investigator's experiments with animal resulting in tissues, mutated ape-men, clinical dis- and a body-crushing climax. Chaney's dual role as the evil scholar and his pathetic hunchbacked assistant added considerably to the growing list of mad scientist conventions. Then in 1923, again with Worsley directing, Chaney asters, reached stardom as the pitiful, repulsive bellringer of Notre Dame. The film was based upon Victor Hugo's classic romance of medieval days, where a number of lives all centered on a deformed and miserable hunchback who haunted the vast halls of the great church.

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