Sutra of the Medicine Buddha by Minh Thanh, P.D. Leigh, Hsuan Jung

By Minh Thanh, P.D. Leigh, Hsuan Jung

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By Minh Thanh, P.D. Leigh, Hsuan Jung

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Opere 1886-1905

Esemplare in buone condizioni. Copertina e tagli con tracce di polvere. Pagine ingiallite.

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Even the Sravakas, Pratyeka Buddhas and Bodhisattvas who have not reached the Ten Grounds (Stages) cannot understand and believe in this truth. Only the Bodhisattvas who are one lifetime away from Buddhahood can. “O, Ananda! A human rebirth is difficult to achieve; however, to believe in, respect and honor the Triple Jewel is even more difficult. To hear the name of the WorldHonored Medicine Buddha is more difficult still. “O, Ananda, the Medicine Buddha has cultivated countless Bodhisattva practices, employed countless skillful means and made countless far reaching vows.

The third is losing ones vitality to the demons through hunting, gambling, debauchery, drunkenness or extreme dissipation. “The fourth is death by fire; the fi fth is death by drowning. The sixth is being devoured by wild animals. “The seventh is falling off a mountain or a cliff. The eighth is death by poison, incantations, evil mantras or demons-raised-from-the-dead. The ninth is from hunger or thirst, for lack of food and water. “These are the nine forms of untimely death ; mentioned by the Tathagatas.

The time following Buddha Sakyamuni’s demise has been divided into three periods: i) the Perfect Age of the Dharma, lasting  years,  when the Buddha’s teaching was correctly practiced and Enlightenment often attained; ii) the Dharma Semblance Age, lasting about , years, when a form of the teaching was practiced but Enlightenment seldom attained; iii) the Dharma-Ending Age, lasting some ‘ten thousand’ years, when a diluted form of the teaching exists and Enlightenment is rarely attained.

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