Surgical Intensive Care Medicine by Andrew G. Villanueva M.D. (auth.), John Merritt O’Donnell

By Andrew G. Villanueva M.D. (auth.), John Merritt O’Donnell M.D., Flávio Eduardo Nácul M.D. (eds.)

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By Andrew G. Villanueva M.D. (auth.), John Merritt O’Donnell M.D., Flávio Eduardo Nácul M.D. (eds.)

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The tube position (in centimeters at the lips) should be noted. For most adults, proper tube location is between 18 and 24 centimeters for orotracheal intubation (for nasotracheal intubation, add 3 to 4 centimeters). Appropriate tube anchoring prevents endobronchial intubation (tube inserted too far) or accidental extubation (tube cuff proximal to the vocal cords). Changing an Endotracheal Tube with an Airway Exchange Catheter Occasionally, an endotracheal tube needs to be changed. The most common reason is a leaking balloon cuff, which makes it impossible to maintain an airtight seal in the trachea.

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Using devices that deliver a high Fi02 to patients with COPD and elevated PaC02 can result in a high Pa02, which can lead to further elevations in PaC0 2 and worsening respiratory acidosis. ) Table 2. Air-entrainment ratios and total gas outflows of commercially available Venturi masks (14). 7 105(DF=4) 68 (DF=6) 63 (DF=8) 56 (DF=lO) 50 (DF=12) 33 (DF=12) DF (highest driving flow of oxygen, in liters per minute, recommended by the manufacturer for a given concentration). In general, the highest driving flow should be used to provide the highest total gas outflow.

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