SQL Server 2005 Data Mining by Iyer R., Lind J.

By Iyer R., Lind J.

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By Iyer R., Lind J.

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The most severely damaged child in the sample was blind, deaf and had no control of limbs; she needed help to sit up or turn over in bed, and washing her hair required two people (one to hold her over the sink while the other did the washing). Some help was received from family and friends (though less by the mothers of children with learning difficulties than the other mothers), but six of the 16 mothers in the sample received no help at all, and in five other cases the help was comparatively trivial.

Abbott and Sapsford, 1987b: 46) The target sample was obtained from two schools for children with learning difficulties, which between them covered the whole range. In one, the researchers picked names at random from the roll and wrote to them, building up a sample from those who replied and were prepared to be interviewed. In the other, the head teacher wrote to families (excluding those she knew to be in substantial distress at that time and one or two who were known to be uncooperative), and those who volunteered to be interviewed contacted the interviewers.

It is a question to which we shall return in Chapter 13. Establishing Boundaries in Qualitative Studies So far we have looked mostly at ‘quantitative’ studies: research which yields data in the form of numbers to be analyzed by means of comparisons. The logic of comparison also has a large part to play, however, in ‘qualitative’ studies – ones where the data are in the form of people’s words or the researcher’s descriptions of what he or she has observed and experienced. For example, in the Abbott and Sapsford (1987b) study which we considered above, if you describe the lives of mothers who have children with learning difficulties you are necessarily at the same time describing mothers with children; the two are inevitably confounded.

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