Spring Persistence with Hibernate (Beginning) by Paul Fisher, Brian Murphy

By Paul Fisher, Brian Murphy

The preferred Spring Framework is updating to Spring three. professional Spring three patience can be first to industry publication on Spring patience, and one of many first on new Spring three expertise.

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36 CHAPTER 3 ■ BASIC APPLICATION SETUP There is a lot happening in this POM configuration file. First, you’ll notice the XML namespace that’s defined for Maven and its POM schema definition. modelVersion is used to declare the version of the POM for your project.

For example, when working with Hibernate, it is first necessary to create and initialize a new Hibernate session and optionally begin a transaction, before executing any Hibernate operations. When the operations are completed, it is necessary to close the session, and optionally commit or rollback the transaction. It would be rather redundant to repeat these same steps each time it was necessary to interface with Hibernate. Instead, we can leverage Spring’s HibernateTemplate or JpaTemplate abstractions, which handle these steps for us.

However, when the open source project was formed, they felt they needed a name that could better inspire a community. Yann suggested Spring because of the association with nature, as well as the fact that Spring represented a fresh start after the “winter” of traditional J2EE development. 0 of the Spring Framework was released in 2004. Since then, Spring has been widely adopted because it delivers on the promise of simpler development while also tackling some very intricate problems. Another key to Spring’s rise to prominence is its exceptional documentation.

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