Shapeshifter's Craving by Lee Pearce

By Lee Pearce

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By Lee Pearce

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He pointed to the now calm river. ” Kate stared at the water, feeling her own emotions boiling just beneath the surface. The ducks. She had changed them both into ducks. Both of them. Her chest clenched. Aidan couldn’t change to any other form. He had chosen human as his only form. She had reacted. To save his life. Her body began to shake. She stared at her hands with blurred vision. She felt herself begin to go numb, dissolve into the air. Strong arms pulled her close. She leaned against his warm body, feeling his life energy.

The river had become a sea of waves. The jungle had grown expansive. She could taste on the breeze the many bugs and animals that lived among the branches. Warmth struck her naked snake body before Aidan’s head rose from the water. His eyes glanced around the surface, watched her clothes float by, seeing her, passing over and coming back. He smiled. He seemed pleased. She wished he could become a snake too, so he could experience what she felt, but he was not a shifter. Yet he still accepted her gift.

Bugs darted across the surface, their tiny legs outspread. A fish swam close by hardly moving its body at all, letting the current carry it. Bubbles burst along the surface of the river a little farther out. A stick floated by, jerked up into the air as it struck something submerged near the bubbles, swung around and continued its journey downstream. Kate smiled and waded into the stream, already imagining his wet hands upon her body. “I know where you are,” she said, her voice a singsong. Something swirled around her legs, knocking her off balance.

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