Record of the Buddhistic Kingdoms by Herbert Giles; Fa Hsien

By Herbert Giles; Fa Hsien

The narrative of a so much impressive trip via a Buddhist priest named Fa Hsien who travels from China via India to Ceylon, directly to Sumatra and again to China via sea.

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By Herbert Giles; Fa Hsien

The narrative of a so much impressive trip via a Buddhist priest named Fa Hsien who travels from China via India to Ceylon, directly to Sumatra and again to China via sea.

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T h ey g ot dow n as far as the Y ellow S p rin g ,9 bu t w ithout com in g to an end o f them . 5. ” Beal. 6- 佛 在 中 道 七 鹫 階 上 行 •. Mr. ” 7. Generally a yak’s tail. 8. Strictly purple 紫 . , 9. Mr. Beal says “ a spring of yellow water,’,but surely the mean­ ing here is the yellow spring, that ie, down to the very gate of hell. This rendering Beems much more in accordance with the spirit of the passage. BUDDHISTIC KINGDOMS. 35 kin g becam e m ore than ever a devout believer, and built a shrine over the steps, and oh the m iddle flight m ade a full-length im age, sixteen feet in h eight.

THe only obscure point is who tl proceeds from the highest seat to the lowest,” though the dragon in its snake form being ouce in the bowl we can hardly suppose it to get out for the pur­ pose of coining down and then get in again to be dissolved. Besides 行 之 implies the gait of man, and not the crawling 爬 of a snake. The bowl containing the snake is evidently carried down by a priest, which would easily account for the “ bowing” movement of the reptile’s head. There are other little inaccuraciee in Mr.

L o ok in g at it from a distance o f ten or m ore paces, it is a life-size silhouette o f B uddha, o f a golden colour, like in fea tu re s,15 bright and shining. T h e nearer one goes, the m ore in distin ct 10. Dipankara. Beal. 11. G6sirchaudana. Beal—who omits the word 錫 pewter in the last sentence, and thus avoids an apparent anomaly. 12. The long robe or Sanghati worn by all priests. 13. ” 1 4 . 博 山 . Mr. 55 15. 相 好 . Mr. Beal says u with all its characteristic signs,” which is a servile acceptation of R6musat’s rendering, both given without note or comment as if there was no difficulty whatever.

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