Real Functions by Brian S. Thomson

By Brian S. Thomson

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By Brian S. Thomson

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Get straight answers to these questions and ask for periodic feedback on how well you are doing. Your boss will have a preferred style of control—tight or loose. You should understand when you can act on your own and when you should obtain approval before acting. Checking in periodically will increase your boss’s confidence in your decision-making skills. Ask your boss how she prefers to communicate with her subordinates: how much information does she want, and when and how should you deliver it?

Advocate for their training and career development. Work harder than they do. Some subordinate expectations will put you a difficult position. Many new managers, for example, find that their people demand more of their time than they have time to give. They also discover that subordinates want to drag them into the middle of conflicts and workplace problems that subordinates should settle on their own. As a manager, you must exercise good judgment in determining which conflicts you want to wade into, and which problems you want to take on.

3. A new manager must get a realistic sense of the __________________ 3. (a) his or her superior will allow. (a) independence of action (b) operating leverage (c) interpersonal conflict (d) number of failures 4. In terms of building a boss-subordinate relationship, it’s important to 4. (c) understand how your performance will be: (a) compensated. (b) criticized. (c) measured. (d) recorded in your personnel file. 5. The starting point for building a good working relationship with your boss is to: (a) demonstrate tough-mindedness.

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