Radiation Protection in Dentistry by National Council on Radiation Protection

By National Council on Radiation Protection

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By National Council on Radiation Protection

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The log shall contain date, procedure, results, and any corrective action. 7 Suggested Quality-Assurance Procedures The following outline of a recommended basic quality-assurance protocol for a typical private dental office is given in Valachovic et al. (1981): Daily • replenish processing solutions • check temperature of processing solutions • perform sensitometry and densitometry, or stepwedge test • enter findings in quality-assurance log Weekly • clean processing equipment • evaluate processing solutions and replace, if necessary • check and clean view boxes • document in quality-assurance log • review quality-assurance log and adequacy of corrective actions Monthly • check darkroom and safelight for leaks using coin test • check and clean all intensifying screens • check that exposure charts are posted at each x-ray machine • inspect leaded aprons and thyroid collars Yearly to quadrennially • calibrate all x-ray machines (Appendix C) Some authorities have recommended or prescribed qualityassurance procedures including other issues.

Subsequent clinical films can then be compared with this reference film. This method is not as sensitive or reliable as a sensitometry and densitometry or a stepwedge, and is not recommended for routine use. In rare circumstances it may be used as a stopgap measure, usually in facilities with very low radiographic workload (fewer than 10 intraoral films per week). 3 Image Receptor Radiographic films, screen-film systems, and digital image receptors constitute an important part of radiology. Their performance is tested periodically to ensure that they function according to specifications.

NCRP (1998) recommends provision of monitors to all personnel who are likely to receive an effective dose greater than 1 mSv y –1. It needs to be emphasized that this recommendation concerns effective dose, which is generally much less than monitor readings (Appendix C). , 1984). Few dental workers received more than 1 mSv and 68 percent received exposures below the threshold of detection. 06 mSv for dental workers (UNSCEAR, 2000). These data suggest that dental personnel are not expected to receive occupational exposures greater than the recommended threshold for monitoring of 1 mSv y –1.

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