Python for data analysis : [agile tools for real-world data] by Wes McKinney

By Wes McKinney

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By Wes McKinney

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Loads) to a collection of strings or other objects. Conveniently, iterating over an open file handle gives you a sequence of its lines. gov/pubmed/22415991'} 1. shtml 18 | Chapter 2: Introductory Examples Note that Python indices start at 0 and not 1 like some other languages (like R). It’s now easy to access individual values within records by passing a string for the key you wish to access: In [19]: records[0]['tz'] Out[19]: u'America/New_York' The u here in front of the quotation stands for unicode, a standard form of string encoding.

Plot(kind='barh', rot=0) See Figure 2-1 for the resulting figure. We’ll explore more tools for working with this kind of data. 1 (K Figure 2-1. gov sample data Parsing all of the interesting information in these “agent” strings may seem like a daunting task. Luckily, once you have mastered Python’s built-in string functions and regular expression capabilities, it is really not so bad. 681 4 Now, suppose you wanted to decompose the top time zones into Windows and nonWindows users. As a simplification, let’s say that a user is on Windows if the string 'Windows' is in the agent string.

Before or after a variable will display some general information about the object: In [545]: b? Type: list String Form:[1, 2, 3] Length: 3 Docstring: list() -> new empty list list(iterable) -> new list initialized from iterable's items This is referred to as object introspection. If the object is a function or instance method, the docstring, if defined, will also be shown. Suppose we’d written the following function: def add_numbers(a, b): """ Add two numbers together Returns ------the_sum : type of arguments 48 | Chapter 3: IPython: An Interactive Computing and Development Environment """ return a + b Then using ?

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