Publishing for Maximum Profit by Fred Gleeck

By Fred Gleeck

Within secrets and techniques to Triple Your source of revenue within the subsequent 18 months!

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By Fred Gleeck

Within secrets and techniques to Triple Your source of revenue within the subsequent 18 months!

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Com has several extensions, such as boot camp. This extension has a sales letter describing the features and benefits of attending my publishing boot camp held in Las Vegas. So, that is how it works; you keep getting a select few e-mails from me that contain some great tidbits of information and every so often I send you to one of my sites that attempts to bump you up to the next higher product level, each time you have bought from the previous level. And all of this is done automatically by the autoresponder in Web Marketing Magic.

Don’t let this confuse or frighten you. Request each form in the order I am giving and everything will be done when you are ready to market your book. There are many other forms used in the publishing industry. I am only going to address the ones that you must receive to publish in today’s market. ISBN (International Standard Book Number) The ISBN is a unique number that identifies your book much the same way that your social security number identifies you. Publishing companies purchase these numbers in blocks.

00 Wow, that’s it? 00! We can produce an entire book, cover and interior design, editing, and printing for less than one thousand dollars. That’s right! Now, we’re not talking about the best looking book on the planet. But, quite frankly, I don’t care. I want to get my book out there. See if it works. Not only are my costs low, but this book is the front end to all of the other products that I have imbedded in it. We’ll be discussing the imbedded products later on. So, now you have an idea of how little the costs can be for a very saleable book that you can use to test the waters.

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