Poplar Culture in North America by N. A. Sloan

By N. A. Sloan

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By N. A. Sloan

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14. Quaking aspen has the largest natural range of any tree indigenous to North America. Within this range its form can vary considerably. (A) An imposing clone growing on a moist, rich site in west-central Colorado. (B) A shrubby clone eking out an existence in a thin, rocky soil on a west-facing slope in Wyoming. Photo by Kathleen McKevitt. 75 25 25 5 5 0 0 100 95 75 they are rooted under mist in a greenhouse. Sexual reproduction by quaking aspen is abundant, and the light cottony seed, which matures in early spring, is carried long distances by the wind.

Tomentosa Carr. May also be a tri-hybrid containing genes from P. tremula P. alba × P. grandidentata P. ×rouleauiana Boivin P. alba × P. tremula P. ×canescens Sm. P. alba × P. tremuloides P. ×heimburgeri Boivin P. angustifolia × P. balsamifera P. ×brayshawii Boivin Brayshaw’s poplar P. angustifolia × P. deltoides P. ×acuminata Rydb. Lanceleaf cottonwood; synonym P. ×andrewsii Sarg. P. angustifolia × P. fremontii P. ×hinkleyana Corr. P. angustifolia × P. balsamifera × P. deltoides None Trihybrid P.

Female or sometimes hermaphroditic Tacamahaca P. szechuanica tibetica Schn. P. S. Pyramidal form P. trichocarpa hastata Henry Thick, narrow leaves; smooth, long fruits Populus P. alba 100 95 75 globosa Spaeth. Shrub or tree; dense foliage hickeliana Dode Mediterranean distribution microphylla Maire Mediterranean distribution nivea Ait. Leaves silvery and hairy beneath, lobed pendula Loud. With pendulous branches pyramidalis Bge. vp Wednesday, November 07, 2001 3:22:36 PM Color profile: Generic CMYK printer profile Composite 150 lpi at 45 degrees 100 100 Poplar Culture in North America 95 75 25 5 95 Table 2 (concluded).

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