Oltre l'Interpretazione by Vattimo Gianni

By Vattimo Gianni

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By Vattimo Gianni

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Them he_buys 'Gianni reads interesting books more than he buys' If N-movement is responsible for the order N Adj -, then the order in (ii) with piu following the adjective could not be obtained through further N movement pass the degree adverb. Expletive negation in Italian comparative clauses 27 NegP of the AgrP comparative clause. Our next question is: what is the status of the negative marker, once the QP has left the Spec position of its projection? This naturally leads to a closer examination of the expletive status of the negation appearing in comparative clauses to which the next section is dedicated.

On the format of small clauses. In Cardinaletti & Guasti 1995 :237-269. Tovena, Lucia. (1994). Notes onfinche. GenGenP, 2,2, 1-15. Zanuttini, Raffaella. (1997). Negation and Clausal Structure: A Comparative Study of Romance Languages. New York & Oxford: Oxford University Press. This page intentionally left blank 3 THE POSITION OF TOPIC AND Focus IN THE LEFT PERIPHERY* Paola Beninca 1 CONSTITUENT ORDER AND SENTENCE FUNCTIONAL STRUCTURE We will assume a theory of grammar that conceives syntactic structure as a theoretical object representing the hierarchical relations between linguistic elements; its output is a linear sequence of unambiguously ordered elements.

Vii. the inflected verb, which reaches a C head in specific types of sentence (primarily questions), or in all main clauses in V2 languages.

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