Monsters! Monsters!: A fantasy game providing equal time for by Ken / Steve Jackson (ed.) St. Andre

By Ken / Steve Jackson (ed.) St. Andre

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By Ken / Steve Jackson (ed.) St. Andre

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Dig Dig Dug (16) The caster can move aside or remove earth (not solid rock) at the rate of 50 cubic ft/Level/round for one turn (five combat rounds). ) Goldnose (15) Allows the caster to smell the scent of gold for one turn. ). Higher level increase the radius. Impotent Eye (15) Hides nature and/or level from others who may use an Omnipotent Eye. Mystic Ears (16) The caster can hear what is going on in another known location [clairaudience]. Lasts one (ten minute) turn. Mystic Visions (15) Similar to Mirage spell, allows some movement of image projected.

LEVEL 3: Requires minimum IQ 14, DEX 10. p. each. All Leathered-Up (4 per 1 Hit repaired) Repairs damage done to non-metal armor or weapons. Over 50% of the original material must be present for the spell to work. Assay (6) Accurately determines the value of precious metals & stones; also spots fakes and worthless items. Curses Foiled (7) Removes evil spells and curses of lower orders. Drop! (10) [Range 50’] This can affect any number of targets, so long as the total CHA (or MR) does not exceed the caster's IQ (higher levels double this limit).

There are no known limits to this spell, except that the other plane must be personally known to the caster. ) Fire Storm (55) A circular wave of raging flames spreads outward from the caster to a radius of 50 feet, doing (Intelligence × caster’s Level) damage and igniting everything that might conceivably burn. Higher levels double the damage or the radius. Ghost Glue (60) Temporarily binds a ghost (or the stolen spirit of a living person) into an object. The victim retains consciousness, but cannot employ or exhibit any powers.

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