Menzoberranzan (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 2nd Ed. Fantasy by Ed Greenwood

By Ed Greenwood

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By Ed Greenwood

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Orphaned through a aircraft crash, raised within the wilds of a misplaced global hidden someplace underneath a relentless mist, the large man and his ape-man brother from one other mom reside a lifetime of threat among rampaging dinosaurs, titanic birds, warring ape tribes, and all demeanour of lethal beasts. It’s an excellent lifestyles for somebody just like the substantial man and his bushy brother, with the exception of the flea challenge. Then an excursion of explorers from the surface flip his international within out. Or quite a truly blonde good looks referred to as the girl does. It ends up in his and his ape brother being confident to fly to manhattan via zeppelin, the place they develop into the toast of town. They even make Hollywood video clips. it kind of feels ideal. at the least until eventually the large man does whatever that comes rather certainly to him within the wild, yet results in public humiliation during this new chanced on international. To make concerns worse, his ape brother has grown not to merely love the pampered existence, foodstuff he doesn’t need to chase down, strong cigars, advantageous wines and statuesque ladies, he’s come to love the incorrect Woman.

Changes are afoot. They bring about a go back to the realm underneath the mist, and a perilous and unforeseen come upon with a foe that's in lots of methods some distance worse than any dinosaur. Envy, jealousy, greed, fleas, and pyramids lower than the mist, are all a part of this rollicking novella of the kind simply Joe R. Lansdale might write. And don’t omit dinosaurs.

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Xalyth: drow female F7; AC 4 (drow chainmail +1); MV 12; 44 hp; #AT 3/2 rounds; Dmg by weapon (1d8: long sword or sword of dancing; 1d4: dagger; 1-3: hand crossbow bolts, 60-yard range, save vs. poison at -4 or sleep for 2d4 hours, 2 bows and 33 bolts carried); THAC0 14; S 15, D 14, C 16,I 18, W 17, CH 16; spell use (innate drow powers); CE. “Not A Lady” Xalyth rose from humble origins (as a child, she emptied chamberpots—by hand—onto her father’s dung-cart, to be taken to the fungus-farm fields) to dominate gem-dealing (and under-the-table fencing of stolen goods) in Menzoberranzan.

They turn to the moneylenders, who also act as moneychangers for outsiders. Menzoberranyr accept all surface coinages, but prefer metal or gems of intrinsic value. A drow is happier with silver or gold coins than copper pieces, because the metal can be melted and reshaped for use where the coinage is not honored. The moneylenders of Menzoberranzan also deal in trade bars, rare shells, the jarred and jellied eyeballs used by some mind flayers, all known types of gems, perfumes, and even rare foods and plants.

In the southwestern corner of Qu’ellarz’orl is the entrance to The Chamber of the Ruling Council. Its arched, ironbound double entrance doors are closed and guarded by soldiers of House Baenre and an honor guard from Melee-Magthere at all times, opening only to allow Matron Mothers and their bodyguards into and out of the not-so-secret meetings where the ruling Houses decide what befalls in the city. The Chamber is a small, natural sidecavern dominated by a spider-shaped table. The ruling Mothers sit there in tall, jewelled thrones when Council is in session, the chamber lit by a hundred sweet- 35 The Neighborhoods of the City smelling candles.

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