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Subchondral bone changes in hand and knee osteoarthritis detected by radiography. Osteoarthr Cartil 2004;12(Suppl A):S10–9. 2. Bullough PG. The role of joint architecture in the etiology of arthritis. Osteoarthr Cartil 2004;12(Suppl A):S2–9. 3. Burr DB. Anatomy and physiology of the mineralized tissues: role in the pathogenesis of osteoarthrosis. Osteoarthr Cartil 2004;12(Suppl A):S20–30. 4. Frost HM. Perspective: genetic and hormonal roles in bone disorders: insights of an updated bone physiology.

22 Familial aggregation of OA radiographic progression has also been investigated. Radiographic 47 48 Valdes & Spector progression is measured by comparing the joint space narrowing (JSN) and osteophyte grades at baseline and follow-up in the same joint. These radiographic grades, which can range from absent to severe, yield a semiquantitative measure of cartilage loss and of bony growths in a degenerating joint, respectively. 6) for osteophyte progression. A dose-response relationship was found between the amount of increase in JSN total scores among probands and the progression of JSN in siblings.

Incidental meniscal findings on knee MRI in middle-aged and elderly persons. N Engl J Med 2008;359:1108–15. 16. Ding C, Martel-Pelletier J, Pelletier JP, et al. Meniscal tear as an osteoarthritis risk factor in a largely non-osteoarthritic cohort: a cross-sectional study. J Rheumatol 2007;34(4):776–84. 17. Annandale T. An operation for displaced semilunar cartilage. Br Med J 1885;1: 779. 18. Annandale T. Excision of the internal semilunar cartilage, resulting in perfect restoration of the joint-movements.

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