Marxism-Leninism in the German Democratic Republic: The by Martin McCauley

By Martin McCauley

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By Martin McCauley

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EXECUTIVE ~-I_. 1 Organisational framework of the SED according to the 1st Statute (22 April 1946) and the guidelines for the organisational structure of the SED laid down by the Central Secretariat on 24 December 1946 It transpired that the Bezirks hindered the implementation of party policy. By the lind Congress (September 1947), they had disappeared, except for Magdeburg and Anhalt, in favour of direct links between the Land and Kreis executives. , 20 Jahre Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands: Beitriige (Berlin, D DR, 1966) p.

For example, in an economic sector, the party functionary's job, besides checking to see if any political opposition is being manifested, is to see that the plan is fulfilled. His career depends on many success indicators, but the main one is to record success in quantitative terms. Thus creative tension, if that is not too mild an euphemism, exists between party functionary and state official. There is also a party cell in each administrative unit to which, naturally, only party members belong.

SMAD also put its shoulder to the wheel. Only those local branches of a political party which had been registered with SMAD could put up candidates. The SED had branches in each of the 11,623 communities in the Soviet zone but the CDU was established in only 4200 and the LDPD in only just over 2200. Nevertheless the CDU was registered in only 2082 and the LDPD in only 1121 communities. Hence about half the Christian-democrat and liberal-democrat candidates were not permitted to stand. 70 The situation would have been worse had it not been for the vociferous protests of Jacob Kaiser, the CDU leader.

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