Life and energy by Isaac Asimov

By Isaac Asimov

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By Isaac Asimov

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5: The first thing Perl looks at is precedence. In the first example, 2 ** 3 ** 4, the two operators are the same, so they have the same precedence and Perl uses associativity to decide in which order to compute the answer. The complete details are in the perlop documentation. 41785163922926e+24. The exponentiation operator is right-associative, so it does the operation on the right first. That’s the 3 ** 4. You can also write this as 2 ** ( 3 ** 4 ). In the second example, the division and multiplication operators have the same precedence, but both operators are left-associative.

Modify that first program to delete from the hash the keys that don’t have true values then print the contents of the hash. Don’t just skip the entries with false values—actually remove those entries from the hash. 1. Write a program that matches a string containing either “fred” or “barney” then reports the part of the string before the match, the part of the string after the match, and the name that it matched. 2. Write a program to match a line that has an “a”, a “b”, and a “c”, in that order.

There are several implementations of the one thing we call “DBM”, but as long as you stick with the same perl, you should be fine. 1. In the exercises for Chapter 6, you created a hash that contained names and birthdays. Write a program that creates the same hash, but as a DBM file using dbmopen. Write a second, separate program that reads the hash and reports the results. 2. 1, write a third program to add entries to the hash then run your hash reporter program again. You should see the new entries in the output.

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