Introduction to Histopathology by Béla Szende, Zsuzsanna Suba

By Béla Szende, Zsuzsanna Suba

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By Béla Szende, Zsuzsanna Suba

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Microscopic Findings. O n e sees thinning, tearing and destruction o f i nteralveol ar septa. The po res of Ko h n are widened, coalesce an d adjacent alveol i form a common airspace . 35 m m i n diameter, o n e f i n ds l arge r, i rreg u l arly-shaped, sacc u l ar ai r-fi l led hollow spaces, with rem n ants of destroyed alveo l ar septa occas i o n al ly p rotruding i nto them. With prog­ ressi o n of the disease the parenchyma of entire aci n i , even lobules, can disappear to fo rm a s i ngle com m o n cavity.

A - i ntact alveol i ; K - anth racotic pigment; E emphysematous ai rspaces; 5 remnants of damaged alveolar septa. - - E E 5 5 A K K 1 1 . Polycystic kidney disease ( R E N POlYCYSTICUS) H e m atoxyl i n-eo s i n Polycystic k i d n ey d i sease is a developmental ano m aly with an ad u l t and an i nfanti l e fo r m . Its pathogenesis i s d u e to the fact that t h e upper a n d lower n e p h ro n fai l to fuse, resu lt i n g i n cystic d i l atation of the proxi m al nephron by the u ri n e fo rmed i n t h e glomer u l i .

Epithelioid cel l s ; K - rou n d cel l s ; N - necrosis. - 60 Fig. 24B. L - Langhans type giant cel l s ; E - 2 5 . Tuberculous lymphadenitis ( LYMPHADENIT I S T U BE RCULOSA) H e m atoxy l i n -eos i n As a r u l e , some lymph n odes are also i n volved i n tubercu losis. Specific lym­ phade n i t i s is most often seen in the regional (cervical , b ro n c h i al o r mesenteric) lymph nodes, depe nding on the l ocation of the p r i m ary i n fecti o n . Gross Findings. 0 c m . i n diameter. Their congested cut s u rface reveal s gray to yel l ow, putty- l i ke areas of variable size.

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