Interactive Fortran77. A hands on approach by Chivers I.D.

By Chivers I.D.

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By Chivers I.D.

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Statements start in column 7. There are exceptions to this rule, as we will see later, but, nevertheless, the main part of any statement must lie between columns 7 and 72. This is an inherited feature which goes back to the days when communication with a com puter was through 80-column cards. ). For terminal use, having to start in column 7 can be irritating; but since you are using a terminal, there will probably be tab commands you can use, so that you skip over the first few columns by pressing a single tab key.

6 again. This is rounded to 15. Basically, the number is changed to the nearest whole number. It is still a real number. 5, will this be rounded up or down? You must be aware of these two operations. They may occasionally cause prob lems in division and in expressions with more than one data type. 75, and I has the value zero! This is an example of type conversion across the = sign. The variables on the right are all real, but the last variable on the left is integer. The value is there fore made into an integer by truncation.

At the moment the 8x standard is only a draft, but should be completed very soon. The language draws on many of the ideas cov ered in this chapter and these help to make Fortran 8x a very promising language for the future. Some of the new features include user defined data types array operations control of the precision of numerical computation enhanced control structures recursion dynamic storage allocation A very readable coverage of the new standard can be found in Fortran 8x Explained by Metcalfe and Reid.

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