Insect (DK Eyewitness Books) by Laurence Mound

By Laurence Mound

Essentially the most well known decisions from the bold Eyewitness backlist at the moment are on hand with a clip-art CD included-with no raise in fee!

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By Laurence Mound

Essentially the most well known decisions from the bold Eyewitness backlist at the moment are on hand with a clip-art CD included-with no raise in fee!

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Its nymphs (pp. 26–27) live in the water that collects in rotting tree holes. Dragonfly and damselfly nymphs always live in water, where they feed on other insects. Streamer-like hind wings trail behind and draw predator’s attention away from the vulnerable parts of the body Jaws Thread lacewings This lacewing (Nemoptera sinuata) is related to the ant lion. The young live in the dust of cave mouths and rocky overhangs in the Mediterranean. Palpares libelluloides Ant lion larva Head louse Ant lions Ant lions are the larvae of a delicate four-winged insect, similar to a damselfly.

Lichen is a kind of plant that grows on tree trunks and on twigs Mottled gray and white patches break outline of insect Lichen Beetle Bark LICHEN LONGHORNS Moth’s folded wings are the same color as the lichen on the bark Longhorn beetles often mimic their surroundings or other insects (p. 46). This Madagascan species (Lithinus nigrocristatus) is remarkable for its ability to hide on lichen-covered twigs. It is almost impossible to see the four beetles hidden above. Beetle Merveille du jour moth out of camouflage Beetle Beetle CAMOUFLAGED STICKS Live stick insects can be easy to overlook because when sitting quite still on leaves and twigs they are almost invisible.

In insects a combination of red, yellow, and black is often an indication that an insect is poisonous. This day-flying zygaenid moth (Campylotes desgodinsi) from Southeast Asia is probably avoided by birds because of its colors. SPECIAL LEGS Some butterflies use their front pair of legs for cleaning their eyes, rather than for walking. OLD LADY MOTH This old lady moth (Mormo maura) from Europe flies at night. During the day its drabcolored wings conceal it on trees where it rests. Eyespot Feather-like moth antenna END OF A TAIL The eyespots on the wings of this African moon moth (Argema mimosae) probably divert predators away from the delicate body.

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