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In the study of health companies they reported that they undertook R&D in partnership with other companies, universities and the NHS. R&D in universities has the important aim to provide postgraduate students with research skills and related to this public R&D creates considerable knowledge spillovers to business through “tacit” knowledge, training of researchers and collaborative ventures. For the health companies investigated the partnerships companies were involved with included academic research papers, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs), consultancies and spin outs.

With the growth of the company the emphasis will remain on the development of innovative ideas in the field of renewable energy and through new ideas in the growing global market of energy production. Research and Development In the area of R&D Enrenew Ltd is involved in a wide range of renewable energy and sustainability services. They are able to provide a complete service through the stages of wind turbine sizing, research, supply and installation. Through their links with wind manufacturers, services are provided with full environmental and financial diagnosis at a competitive cost.

It is believed that these could work together to determine potential clinical collaborations within the NHS to provide access points for industry. For the commercialisation of ideas partnerships between industry, HE and the NHS can generate income of benefit to research through reinvestment. There are also links with the devices industries through the pharmaceutical industry and the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI). It is therefore possible to develop existing strengths in the health business sector through collaboration across businesses and organisations to share facilities, expertise and best practice.

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