Inductance Calculations. Working formulas and tables. by Frederick W. Grover

By Frederick W. Grover

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By Frederick W. Grover

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OOl[(l + m + o) log, (l + m + o) - (l - + o) log. (l + o) (m + o) log. (m + o) + olog. 001 [ l log. l +l m+ m log. 7506] or only 7 parts in 1000 larger than the value where the axes are 6 inches apart. The mutual inductances calculated in the last two examples are very small because, on the average, the points oí the two filaments are far apart. It is of interest to consider the increase in mutual inductance if the filaments are moved until the line joining their centers is a common perpendicular, the axial separation being kept as before (see Fig.

73) M = ~= O anrl F = l. 8 = -;- . 6545. 003225. 05367 µh. 9350. 029457. 5260 µh. Thls value may be checked by formula (76). 012(20)[log. 008s [ log. 109 - 4 s s ] + ··· · (75) agreeing with the result by the general method. me distance apart. The side s1 would now be 12 cm. , placed with their planes 25 cm. , calculate their mutual inductance by formulas (70) and (71). me value ! as j =!. 81 6 Thus for the hexagons and, there- fore, the same value off. 9265. The precerling formulas apply strictly only to polygonal filament'3.

Circuits of wire bent so as to enclose oval areas and the like may be readily treated by the Bashenoff method. From the plotted curve may be found by planimeter or other instruments the perimeter and enclosed area. From these may be calculated the ratio l/y'S. If this has a value less than 4, the value of cJ, may be interpolated from the curve for regular polygons. If the ratio is greater, the value may be obtained from the ~urve for r~ctangles. or trapeziums. With the value of tf, determined, the 1nductance 1s then g1ven by formula (65).

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