How to Program Using Java by Graham Hardman;Tony Jenkins

By Graham Hardman;Tony Jenkins

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By Graham Hardman;Tony Jenkins

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Many other currently popular programming languages including Cϩϩ, Python, and C# also use this object-oriented approach. This means, not surprisingly, that programming in Java (and these other languages) is based around the use of objects; objects are the basic building block of any object-oriented computer program. Java takes the idea further than some other object-oriented languages to the extent that almost everything in a Java program is an object; even the Java program itself looks rather like an object (even if it isn’t actually one).

After reading this chapter, you should be sure that you have these things. You should have spent a little bit of time experimenting with them, and you should have started to learn the skills that you’ll come to need as you learn to program using Java. Before you start any Java I want to explain to you what learning to program is all about. You need to know what it is that you’ve taken on and you need to understand something about the skills that you’re going to have to call on as you learn to program.

The JVM is, incidentally, written in C. The history of programming languages is quite fascinating in its own right. There are pointers to help you find out more in the Further Reading section at the back of the book. You might want to check out some more details of the history of Java, and perhaps even see what James Gosling himself has to say about it. If you understand how a language has developed you can often understand why it works the way it does. 3 You may well have met or heard of the most popular modern incarnation of Unix, the free operating system Linux.

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