HIV Medicine 2006 by C. Hoffmann, J. Rockstroh, B. Kamps

By C. Hoffmann, J. Rockstroh, B. Kamps

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By C. Hoffmann, J. Rockstroh, B. Kamps

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In addition to the decline in CD4+ T-cell counts, qualitative impairments of CD4+ T-cell function are perhaps the most characteristic abnormalities detected in HIV-1 infection. The impairment of HIV-1-specific CD4+ Tcell function occurs very early in acute infection (Rosenberg 1997, Altfeld 2001, Lichterfeld 2004), potentially due to the preferential infection of virus-specific CD4+ T-cells by the virus (Douek 2002). This is followed by a functional impairment of CD4+ T-cell responses to other recall antigens, as well as a reduced responsiveness to novel antigens (Lange 2003).

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