Gun Control and Violence by Andrea C. Nakaya

By Andrea C. Nakaya

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By Andrea C. Nakaya

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While the Loganville criminal did not carry a weapon, many criminals are armed, making it even more essential to possess a gun for selfdefense. ” He argues that to effective“The only thing that ly protect themselves in an emergency, stops a bad guy with a people need access to their own gun. ”28 call bring a good guy with a gun from a mile away . . ”28 —Wayne LaPierre, CEO of the NRA. Guns Deter Crime Allowing people to own and carry guns actually deters crime, because if a criminal knows that his or her potential victim is armed and able to fight back, the criminal is less likely to approach the person.

49 Calling them assault weapons is misleading and makes them seem dangerous, when they are actually no more dangerous than other commonly used types of guns, such as pistols. 48 Former Ban Accomplished Nothing Between 1994 and 2004 the United States did ban certain types of guns and ammunition, and the ban did not significantly reduce gun-related violence. Under the ban, certain types of semiautomatic weapons—known as assault weapons—and magazines with more than ten rounds were prohibited. However, research shows that banning these weapons was not effective at reducing crime.

In addition, it would do little to prevent gun-related violence. 50 Chapter Four Can Stronger Gun Control Measures Prevent Mass Shootings? Stronger Gun Control Measures Will Prevent Mass Shootings • Stronger gun control measures will prevent shootings by making it more difficult for shooters to obtain guns. • While it is unlikely that stronger gun control will eliminate shootings, it will be effective because it will reduce shootings and the harm they cause to society. • Mass shootings have been significantly reduced in other countries following the adoption of stronger gun control measures.

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