Geochemistry of Epigenesis by Aleksandr I. Perel’man (auth.)

By Aleksandr I. Perel’man (auth.)

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By Aleksandr I. Perel’man (auth.)

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Ich mochte an dieser Stelle der Minna-James-Heineman-Stiftung und der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft, Sonderforschungsbereich seventy nine, die diese Arbeit durch finanzielle UnterstUtzung ermoglicht haben, herzlich danken. Auch dem LeichtweiB-Institut fUr Wasserbau, Herrn Professor Dr. FUhrboter und seinen Mitarbeitern gebUhrt mein Dank fUr stetige Hilfsbereitschaft und die Gastfreundschaft.

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2. 0. 9. 5. 5. 9. 2. 9. 10- 25 I 7. 10- 21 3. l . 10- 21 8. 1 . 10- 12 2. 10- 10 - -- 2. 7. 10- 5 - 5. 3 . 10- 3 - 2. 5 g/hter 10""liter I . 8. 9. 8 . 8 . 9 . 9. 10- 1 10-1 molel liter CI- Note: Maximal concentrations of metal ions are shown in mole/liter and g/liter. All data are for 25° C and 1 atm. Ni 2+ Ag+ Cu+ T1+ Blot Cu2+ Be2+ Ca 2+ Zn 2+ 5r2+ Cd 2+ Ba 2+ Hg 2+ Hg~+ 5n 2+ Pb2+ Fe 2-1eo2+ Cation Table 12. Solubility of Metallic Compounds (after Krauskopf. 1959. > ::a ;l C'l ~ 51 LAW OF MASS ACTION IN GEOCHEMISTRY 1 g/liter.

A rare anion Cr042- 55 LAW OF MASS ACTION IN GEOCHEMISTRY Table 14. Average Numbers of Minerals Possible for One Element of Each Decade (after Saukov. -" >10 1-10 10°_10- 1 10- 1_10- 2 10- 2_10- 3 verage num-\ of minerals ~ossible for ,bel' Decade one element 729 239 139 31 28 VI VII VIII IX X I Clarke, weight ,"" I 10- 3_10- 4 10- 4_10- 5 10- 5_10- 6 1O- 6_IO- i <10- 7 Average num· bel' of minerals possible for one element 23 28 23 2 <1 combines with Pb in zones of oxidation of sulfide ore deposits and with common cations CaZ+.

Nevertheless, uranium does migrate in those waters, having formed the already mentioned soluble carbonate complexes [U0 2(C0 3)aJ 4- and [U0 2(C0 3}z(H20}z]2-. For most metals the formation of complex ions raises the pH of hydroxide precipitation and its SOlubility. Complex compounds dissociate in two stages: (1) dissociation into complex and simple ions, and (2) dissociation of the complex ion itself. For example, the dissociation of the Na4[(U02)(C03>aJ complex proceeds as follows: Na, [U0 2 (COs)s] ~ 4Na+ + [U0 2 (COs)a]4- • Rewriting the last equation in a form expressing the law of mass action * we get The constant K characterizes the degree of stability of the given complex ion and is known as the constant of stability.

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