From animals to animats 7 : proceedings of the Seventh by Bridget Hallam

By Bridget Hallam

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By Bridget Hallam

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B ed a u , M. ( 1 996) . Depende nce of ad apt ab i l ity on env i ro n m ent a l str ucture. Behaviour, 4 Copyrighted Material ( 3-4 ) , 275-307. A d aptive 23 A ge nt-based Modeling and the E nvironmental Com pl exit y Thesis F l e t c he r , J . , Zwick , M . , & Bedau , M. ( 1 998 ) . Effect of en­ adaptation . I n R. , K i t a n o , H . , & Taylor, C . v i ro n m ental texture o n ev o l u t. i o n ary Adami, C . , Belew , ( E ds. ) , Proceedings of the Sixth International Confer­ ence on A rtificial Life, pp.

Edulpeople/anoe/ This analysis of the experience of driving a Porsche in tenns of a temporally extended pattern of activity has two consequences. First, it suggests the possibility that to investigate the nature of experience we must direct our investigations not to some ineffable inner event, but rather to the temporally extended activity itself, to the laws that govern this activity. We shall see that on this approach, the problem of understanding experience may become more tractable. Second, it comes to seem doubtful that the Porsche­ driving experience is the sort of thing that can be generated by activity in the brain.

The most natural explanation for this would appear to be the idea that in the brain, there is an internal representation of the world whose activation provides this experience. In order to provide the perceived richness of the experience, the internal representation must presumably also be very rich. that you know you can, by a mental effort, bring that bit of information into your mind. Similarly, with vision, the slightest flick of your eyes or of attention can bring up details about something before you.

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