Finland and Russia 1808–1920: From Autonomy to Independence by D. G. Kirby

By D. G. Kirby

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By D. G. Kirby

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Danielson, Suomen sisallinen itsenaisyys, (Helsinki 1892) Finnish text pp. 72-5, Russian text pp. ) 11 ALEXANDER THE FIRST'S MANIFESTO ON THE FINNISH SENATE, 21 FEBRUARY 1816 We Alexander the First, by the grace of God Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias and Grand Duke of Finland . . declare to all people : From the moment of union of the Grand Duchy of Finland to Our Empire, the happiness of this country has always been a • The Russian original reads: 'ne tol'ko grazhdanskie, no politicheskie ego zakony'.

The Council shall inform His Majesty the Emperor of the need to appoint a new Council six months before the termination of their period of office. Finland and Russia 1808-1920 18 13. It shall be a matter for His Imperial Majesty's pleasure whether a new group of members shall be named or the former Council, either wholly or in part, shall be retained ... Paragraph III Concerning the general functions and rights of the Council 15. All matters connected with the administration of justice and the public economy shall be the concern of the Council; with the exception of certain matters which in law appertain to the powers of decision of the supreme power.

Maliniemi, (Helsinki 1939) pp. RKILAX'S BOOK, FENNOMANI OCH SKANDINAVISM (1855) And Finland, whose culture is European, which formerly possessed a freer social order, which during the period of union with Russia has perpetually held in its heart a secret fear and resentment against its ruler, on whose final defeat and withdrawal it has counted upon as a liberation for itself- would not Finland, now the hour seems at hand, prove true to its innermost instinct, and at least hasten towards that moment in hope, if nothing else?

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