Explorers of humankind by Thomas (editor) Hanna

By Thomas (editor) Hanna

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By Thomas (editor) Hanna

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Innovating in Practice: Perspectives and Experiences

The aim of the e-book is to plot another conceptual vocabulary for learning innovation by means of stressing the function of social, contextual and cultural views. This vocabulary is drawn on a provider and on sociological views on innovation in response to the ontological assumption that innovation is a cost co-creation subject and that it happens in a fact that's a number of, developed and socially embedded.

Carbon Management, Technologies, and Trends in Mediterranean Ecosystems

This ebook pursues a different strategy, investigating either the ecological and socio-economic elements of carbon administration in Mediterranean ecosystems. All chapters are in accordance with papers initially offered on the 1st Istanbul Carbon Summit, held at Istanbul Technical college, 2–4 April, 2014, and revised following a peer-review technique.

Citizen Activism and Mediterranean Identity: Beyond Eurocentrism

This booklet explores the commonalities among the struggles of the final years round the Mediterranean and attempts to discover the cultural roots of this season of protests and activism opposed to repression and a transforming into systemic trouble. who're their major characters? How has mobility of principles and people contributed to it?

Energy and Matter Fluxes of a Spruce Forest Ecosystem

This booklet makes a speciality of fluxes of power, carbon dioxide and topic in and above a primary eu spruce woodland. The transition from a wooded area tormented by acid rain right into a heterogeneous wooded area happened due to wind throw, bark beetles and weather switch. clinical effects got during the last two decades on the FLUXNET website DE-Bay (Waldstein-Weidenbrunnen) are proven including equipment built on the web site, together with the applying of footprint versions for data-quality research, the coupling among the trunk house and the ambience, the significance of the Damköhler quantity for hint fuel reviews, and the turbulent stipulations at a woodland part.

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Whereas they are part of nature and fully subject to her laws, man can use his knowledge of those laws to act upon and control nature for his benefit. Homo sapiens is 42 Alexander Lowen not only a creature, he is also a creator. On four legs one is oriented downward toward the earth. In the erect posture one's gaze is directed forward to the horizon and upward to the sky. The beginning of civilization and culture is marked everywhere by the study of the heavens. Astronomy was and is man's primary interest.

The head movements need the adjustment of the eyes, and three-dimensional pictures would not be perceived with eyes that were merely stationary in space. Von Foerster has also told of a Swiss ski instructor, a man named Kohler, who persuaded some of his pupils to participate in a fascinating experiment. He wanted to find out what would happen if our brain saw the outside world as it is on the retina, and not as it actually is. As everyone knows, the eye lens, like any other lens, inverts the image on the retina.

Worldwide, there are now over 160 Rolfers, namely, those certified to do Structural Integration, a process of deep muscular massage which, over the course of ten hourly sessions, is designed to render the human body in greater balance within itself and with the field of gravity. But although Rolfing was specifically conceived of as a way of changing physical structure, Dr. Rolf came to see that these structural changes seemed always to make changes in the way the human functioned. Specifically, Rolfing provoked behavioral changes.

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