Energy in Perspective by Jerry Marion (Eds.)

By Jerry Marion (Eds.)

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By Jerry Marion (Eds.)

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Classif y th e energ y in th e following system s accordin g to basic energ y forms : (a) wate r in a storag e tower , (b) sonic boom , (c) food, (d) boilin g water , an d (e) movin g automobile . 7. Som e devices ar e said to "waste " energy . Is such a statemen t strictl y true ? Wha t happen s to th e "wasted " energy ? 8. A certai n power plan t operate s at an efficiency at 40 percen t and produce s an outpu t electrica l power of 500 MWe . How muc h coal (in ton s per hour ) does th e plan t burn ?

1 Energ y usag e in th e four majo r sector s of th e U . S . economy . Let us look mor e closely at energ y usag e in th e residentia l sector . 1 show s th e primar y ways in which we use energ y in our homes . 8 percen t of th e tota l burde n of our energ y resource s in 1980. Althoug h thi s figure is smal l in term s of th e tota l energ y usage , residentia l and commercia l 36 3 . ENERG Y CONSUMPTION—TODA Y AND THE FUTUR E air-conditionin g is th e most rapidl y growin g item in th e energ y usag e list.

In each case th e energ y is given in metri c unit s for th e commo n uni t of measur e for th e fuel. Th e value s ar e also given in Britis h therma l unit s to facilitat e comparison s with othe r reference s wher e thes e unit s ar e used . Notice tha t th e energ y release d in th e fission of 1 g of uraniu m is severa l time s greate r tha n tha t release d in burnin g 1 ton of coal. 6 shows th e amount s of variou s fuels require d by an electri c generatin g plan t to produc e 1000 MW e of outpu t electri c power .

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