Encyclopedia of Medicinal Herbs by Joseph Kadans

By Joseph Kadans

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By Joseph Kadans

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Purple. Parts used: Root and leaves. brown, about threesix or more inches or sphere-shaped, with The flower is yellowish- BENNE 54 Effects: The root or leaves of this herb serve as a di- uretic, increasing the secretion of urine. serves as an It also anodyne, relieving pain, and relaxes overcontracted smooth muscle and is therefore a sedative. It depresses sensory nerve endings. Recorded uses: Widely used in conditions accompanied by a rise in temperature such as night-sweats. Also it is used where there is insuflRcient flow of urine due to sluggish kidneys.

This solu- cases of removal and/ or improvement of abscesses due to tubercular eases of lymphatic glands. dis- BLACKBERRY 61 B ITTERSWHE^Pr-AMERICAN Also known as Waxwork, False Bittersweet. Botanical name: Celastrus scandens. Effects and reported uses: Both the root and the bark of this herb are used for several valuable effects. It alterative in that and excretion. It restores it is also a diuretic in that kidneys to excrete more urine. cause used it an stimulates the it It is also a diaphoretic be- brings about perspiration.

Relieves pain, soreness and burning sensations along the biliary ducts (containing bile) as well as the urinary tracts. Recorded As a uses: bitter tonic, for general tahty; as a remedy improvement of vi- and spleen conditions; for hver chronic ailments of the stomach; early stages of tuberculosis; control running from bronchial tubes (secretions); used as a treatment for syphihs; antiseptic uses for destroying disease germs. Preparations and dosages: The berries make a pleasant acid drink effective in cases of diarrhea and fevers.

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