Du silence: Essai by David Le Breton

By David Le Breton

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By David Le Breton

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This is because experienced lawyers know that self-defense to a charge of an intentional shooting is what’s known in trial tactics parlance as “a perfect defense,” but it’s much harder for a defendant to prove that he didn’t cock the gun and recklessly set the stage for an unintentional hair-trigger discharge. The best way to avoid that bogus attack is to have a gun whose trigger weight is within factory specifications for police duty as opposed to target shooting. This is an argument against any gun that can be cocked to create a very light pull, unless the single-action pull is at least four pounds or more in weight.

And if you are as fast as Larry, you can find yourself going through the same terrible ordeal in court that he did. Maybe you’re faster than Larry. Let’s say you’re in the exact same circumstances, and you put a 230-grain Hydra-Shok into the man’s center chest, heart into spine, before he can get his gun he reached for first, out of its hiding place. He’s what some folks would call DRT: Dead Right There. The first responding officers will approach the body. IF they find a pistol in his hand, you may be home free.

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