Digital Photography Solutions by David D. Busch

By David D. Busch

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By David D. Busch

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Digital camera vendors offer a variety of file formats and compression technologies that impact the overall capacity to store images. Different formats also have implications on quality and the capability of the file to be used and viewed by software applications. See Chapter 5, “Getting Images into Shape,” for further information. ᮣ Flash capabilities. A built-in flash is useful but not very powerful. If you need more powerful flash capabilities, find out whether you can use the camera with an external flash.

But don’t worry; some fabulous resources are available on the Internet for comparing up-to-date camera specifications and prices. I’ll make sure that you leave this chapter knowing how to find all the latest information and advice to make an excellent choice on a digital camera. First, here are a few tips on selecting a digital camera. ” We want the best car, the best digital phone, and the best digital camera. ” The best for you depends on where you want to go and how quickly; what features you can’t live without in your phone; and, in the case of digital cameras, what kinds of photos you want to make.

34 Learning to Take Better Pictures — Chapter 2 Vary your camera angles Taking pictures with your camera at eye-level or five to six feet above ground is common and, consequently, you’ll get ordinary or common images because we are used to seeing the world from that vantage point. Try shooting a few pictures with your camera as low to the ground as you can get it — almost at a worm’s-eye level. 4 shows how effective that viewpoint can be. The new perspective alone adds an interesting, if unfamiliar look to the image.

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