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IE-SASW method was performed to locate the flaws and to determine the thickness. 59 NEA/CSNI/R(2002)7/VOL1 Additionally, the GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) method is applied to the same specimens, and compared with IE-SASW method. The series of experimental studies were focused to detect the void just beneath the steel reinforcing bars that may happen in concrete structures. 2. 1. Impact-Echo Method Impact-echo method is a nondestructive testing method of concrete structures that is based on the propagation characteristics of impact-generated stress waves that are reflected by internal flaws and external surfaces.

An in-service maintenance interval). The probability that a structure survives during interval of time (0,t) is defined by a reliability function, L(0,t). , tn during (0,t), the reliability function becomes, L(t) = P[R(t1) > S1 , … , R(tn) > Sn] (6) in which R(ti) = strength at time of loading Si. Taking into account the randomness in the number of loads and the times at which they occur as well as initial strength, the reliability function becomes [21] ∞ ( [ ]) L (t ) = ∫ exp − λt 1− t ∫0 Fs(g ir )dt fR 0 (r ) dt 0 −1 t (7) in which fR0 = PDF of the initial strength R0 and gi = fraction of initial strength remaining at time of load Si.

S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 1981. “Concrete and Steel Internal Structures of Steel and Concrete Containments,” Sect. 3 in Regulatory Standard Review Plan, NUREG-0800, Directorate of Licensing, Washington, DC. 6. Office of the Federal Register, 1995. “Primary Reactor Containment Leakage Testing for WaterCooled Power Reactors,” Appendix J in Code of Federal Regulations, 10 CFR Part 50, Office of Federal Register, Washington, DC. 7. Office of theFederal Register, 2001. “Proposed Rules,” Vol.

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