Cutaneous Receptors by Dr. Ch. Chouchkov (auth.)

By Dr. Ch. Chouchkov (auth.)

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By Dr. Ch. Chouchkov (auth.)

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Two-week-old ducks (Pekins) weighing 150 ±- 20 g were lightly anaesthetized with chloroform and injected locally in the bill 60 min prior to biopsy with 30 IlC/gbw 3H4,5-leucine (sp. act. 55 Ci/mmol - Radiochemical Centre Amersham, England) diluted in 50 III of saline. The pieces of duck-bill skin were processed to light-and electron-microscopical radioautography according to the method of Larra and Droz 37 Figs. §. 20 days 45 days lime after denervation Fig. 16. Time curves of silver-grain concentration (expressed as the number of silver grains per 25 /lm' of receptor element) in normal and denervated Herbst corpuscles after injection of 3 H-leucine.

Thiy may serve as a pathway for the diffusion and exchange of metabolites. The ultrastructure of capillaries displays the continuous character of the endothelial cell wall. The cytoplasm of each cell (two to three) is fairly thick opposite its oval nucleus but becomes attenuated elsewhere and presents a smooth luminal surface with occasional filopodia. On the luminal and basal surfaces the plasma membrane is the site of numerous flask-shaped invaginations and the underlying cytoplasm contains many pinocytotic vesicles.

6. 1. Historical Survey The specificity of nerve regeneration is one of the most important but unsolved problems of sensory morphology and physiology. , 1967). Recently, Ilyinsky et al. (1973) have proposed a combined hypothesis. According to the authors, the nerve fibres induce the 47 tissue elements, which in turn form accessory structures corresponding to the pattern of a given innervated tissue. Independent of speculations concerning the receptor specifictiy, the elucidation of structural events developed during regeneration is an important factor of the main problem to be clarified.

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