Comments and topics on Smarandache notions and problems by Kenichiro Kashihara

By Kenichiro Kashihara

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By Kenichiro Kashihara

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Undaunted, Dorothea found a sponsor who would fund her effort. Based on the results of the pilot she conducted in a few locations, she was able to broaden the scope and depth of the program. Over the next few years, she produced four award-winning videotapes on blood donation. In 1993, the American Association of Blood Banks gave the Presidential Award to AT&T for outstanding commitment to the promotion and support of voluntary blood donation programs. This is soul leadership. In every case, Dorothea started out with one-on-one meetings until she found a champion.

We actively look for ways to help our stakeholders succeed. Integrity In healthy communities, there is an emphasis on ethical leadership. Norms found in an organization that values integrity might include: • We are reflective—we try to do the right thing. • We are honest—we say what we mean. • We are reliable—we do what we say. • We are forthright—we openly communicate our reasons for positions we take. • We are steadfast—we stay the course in the face of criticism and risk. 26 I. How to Recognize a Healthy Community B.

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