Combining Western Herbs and Chinese Medicine by Jeremy Ross

By Jeremy Ross

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By Jeremy Ross

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This requires detailed and accurate plant description and a consistent system of plant naming. It is not always possible to be sure of the identity of plants referred to in the Graeco-Roman texts. For example, what Galen called Oxycantha appears to have been Berberis, whilst what Dioscorides called Oxycantha may have been Crataegus. Even in 16th and 17th century texts such as those by Tabernaemontanus and Gerard and Johnson, nomenclature can sometimes be confusing and identity uncertain. For example, the Gerard-Johnson herbal refered to Berberis as Spina acida or Oxycantha.

_l Temperature Hot herbs are those that can have a strong warming effect on the body and are specifically used to treat cold disorders. Hot herbs can be especially associated with the following Western actions (shown in italics and then followed by the corresponding Chinese actions): 21 Herb . Rosmarinus aromatic. bitter. t'i·' Sanguinaria, ,bitter. acrid ~"···"'iJw"'·tc. O.. C'O' .... o/r: Schisandra sour LU, HT, LR HT, KI, LU. LR -uC)w~c\ac... • metabolic stimulant • circulatory stimulant • warming diaphoretic • warming antirheumatic • counterirritant tonify Yang of Kidney, Heart, or Spleen warm and move Qi and Blood clear Wmd Cold Damp clear Wmd Cold Damp, warm and move Qi and Blood topical irritant Not all hot herbs have all these actions to the same degree.

SLIGHTLY WARM HERBS The following herbs are classified as slightly warm in this book: Herb Taste Organs sweet Sp,LU sour, sweet HT aromatic. 51. acrid ST, IN, KI. LR aromatic. 51. sour, 51. acrid KI, BL. SP, IN. LU. ttl1~ aromatic, bitter, 51. acrid HT, LR, IN Panax gin. sweet, 51. bitter KI, HT, SP, LU Petroselinum aromatic, 51. '~-lO Commiphora bitter, acrid HT. ST, IN. LU. UT clettaria aromatic, acrid ST,IN Ephedra acrid, sl, bitter LU,HT Eupatorium per. bitter, acrid, aromatic LU ~en~ha pul.

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