Collection of Problems on Smarandache Notions by Charles Ashbacher

By Charles Ashbacher

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By Charles Ashbacher

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What about our equipment, Juan? ” Nate did not show his doubts, but he kept his gun at hand thinking of the hidden and secret location in the bottom of the wagon. He glanced around again, and suddenly a feeling of tranquility and peacefulness settled over him. His jumpy feeling vanished along with the worry about his wagon and his money. His fears melted under the spell of the Mexican village. To Nate’s eyes, the scene outside the village seemed tranquil or peaceful, but Nate learned differently.

The bartender remained very skeptical, “How do we know you tell the truth? ” Juan stood for a moment. “Why don’t you call the priest? He was in Brogado only a few days ago. The priest rode up here with us. He spent nights on the trail in our camp. ” The men relaxed a little. Surely the priest, one of their own, would not lie to them. Before he could speak or do anything to verify the truth, the door opened and three soldiers, already drunk, swaggered into the cantina. Their uniforms were covered in dirt.

Nate anticipated their actions and he hit the first man between the eyes with the double barrel of the gun. As he swung on the first man, he used his momentum and motion to rush forward. He hit the third man in the stomach with the stock of the gun. Both men lay on the floor, one holding his head and the other holding his stomach and trying to catch his breath. Juan still held his man in a tight grip with the knife pressed against his throat. Nate looked down at the two on the floor and the one Juan held and said, “I’m sure sorry to see you boys act this way.

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