Calculational Methods for Interacting Arrays of Fissile by A. F. Thomas

By A. F. Thomas

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By A. F. Thomas

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For the analogous multi-unit arrays as described, these primed letters also represent the physical dimensions of the array, where these physical dimensions are considered as being bounded by the centres of the outermost units, plus an "extrapolation length" which, for single-tier square arrays, is equal to one centre-tocentre spacing of the units in the array; all measurements are also made from the geometric centre of the array. 6 above, for "practical applications for determining the nuclear safety of an array".

G. g. 23 cm, cf. d « 1*8 m), they cannot be treated directly as members of the main lattice unless d is reduced drastically and the array severely restricted. They can, however, be treated as a single group, with a single group 09 m a x 0 0 0 CALCULATIONAL METHODS FOR INTERACTING ARRAYS 58 parameter q(G). It is easy to show that a unit source at distance d from the nearest member of the group will produce a neutron output less than 0 where (T ) is the greatest value of T for any body in the group (only the other bodies in the group being considered).

Composed of a U0 /paraffin-wax compact. 2 is not applicable. In applying the EXSO method to estimate the surface multiplication, M , of such spheres three difficulties present themselves: 2 2 3 5 2 3 8 3 s (i) the limitations of assumptions made concerning the scattering laws will preclude an accurate estimate of M \% (ii) the possible inaccuracies in the available nuclear data for U ; (iii) the angular distribution and spectrum to which the spheres are subjected in the array are unknown. s 2 3 8 Regarding point (i) it was checked that the same calculating regime when applied to estimating critical sizes of U / H 0 mixtures and solutions gave underestimates of these sizes over a wide range of H / U ratios.

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