C++?? A Critique of C++ and Programming and Language Trends by Joyner I.

By Joyner I.

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By Joyner I.

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This is not a popular view in traditional hierarchical management structures where organisational structure is prized over quality and programmers get promoted to designers who get promoted to analysts, and managers stay aloof from the technical process, just making sure the old structure is maintained. Or even worse, those who become analysts, designers and managers have little knowledge or experience of programming and large scale software engineering. Since the second edition of the critique, Scott Adams’ Dilbert comics have become widely known as accurate comments on such organisational problems.

There are three ways a language can do this known as: no variance, contra-variance, and co-variance. This is an issue of type safety. No variance means that the language does not permit the signature to change. The signature must exactly match the signature inherited from the parent. Contra-variance means that the signature in a subclass can modify each argument so that it is a superclass of the matching parent argument. For example, if you have classes A and B, and B inherits from A, then given a parameter of type B in your parent, you can keep it as B or modify it to A.

This could be a good thing. But then the compromise to remain compatible with C becomes difficult, if the compiler is to detect practices inconsistent with the operation of garbagecollection. ” Sun have built garbage collection into Java. Bertrand Meyer lists garbage collection in his steps to object-oriented happiness. This is not surprising in a language that has exception handling, keeping track of live and dead objects is even more difficult, so Eiffel is also based on built-in garbage collection.

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