Accelerated C Sharp 2010 Jan 2010 by Trey Nash

By Trey Nash

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By Trey Nash

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Considering the fact that its free up now not fairly 3 years in the past, C# has quickly received broad utilization. This ebook is written for C# 2. zero, masking the entire new positive aspects in 2. zero, together with generics. as well as its insurance of C#, it additionally offers details at the . internet Framework and periods that C# interacts with. each bankruptcy comprises questions and solutions besides recommended initiatives.

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* the first booklet at the J2ME Polish open resource software * Written by means of Robert Virkus, the lead programmer and architect of J2ME Polish * Discusses each point of J2ME Polish in-depth, together with fitting, utilizing, and lengthening * contains hands-on tutorials that motivate the reader to use their got wisdom

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Y ); } } In the Main method, the call to AttemptToModifyCoord actually does nothing to the location value. This is because AttemptToModifyCoord modifies a local copy of the value that was made when the method was called. On the contrary, the location value is passed by reference into the ModifyCoord method. Thus, any changes made in the ModifyCoord method are actually made on the location value in the calling scope. It’s similar to passing a value by a pointer in C++. The output from the example is as follows: ( 50, 50 ) ( 10, 10 ) Enumerations Enumerations (enums) in C# are similar to enumerations in C++, and the defining syntax is almost identical.

However, a reference type variable is used to interact with the objects on the managed heap. Reference type variables have a type associated with them and contain a pointer to the object they reference. For example, the reference type variable’s type could be the same as the object’s class that it points to, a base type for the object, or its type could be that of an interface that the object 22 CHAPTER 3 ■ C# SYNTAX OVERVIEW implements. Naturally, several reference type variables could reference the same object instance at the same time.

Summary This chapter briefly covered the essentials of how C# is compiled, packaged, and executed. I discussed how JIT compiling can actually outperform traditionally compiled applications. One of the requirements for optimizing JIT compilation is an expressive and extensible-type mechanism that the compiler can understand. By packaging IL into assemblies that are self-documenting, both the CLR and the JIT compiler have all the information they need to manage code execution. Additionally, you can explicitly load an assembly on demand by providing either its strong name or a partial name.

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