A Helping Hand by Shayla Kersten

By Shayla Kersten

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By Shayla Kersten

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But he didn’t say it aloud. ” The clerk looked so young and being called “sir” made Rich feel old. Old and alone. Being thirty-five and alone never bothered him before. He had friends, not many close ones but some. His mom, his brother and his brother’s family lived in Knoxville. He visited on a regular basis. Jeremy was always happy to see him when he visited him in Memphis. He hadn’t thought about growing old alone. He hadn’t met anyone who made him want something different. Even his dreams of Dan were just jerk-off fantasies.

He hadn’t thought about growing old alone. He hadn’t met anyone who made him want something different. Even his dreams of Dan were just jerk-off fantasies. He never thought of wanting more. Until now. ” Rich pulled himself out of his thoughts. The clerk held the takeout menus and his credit card. ” ***** Rich stared at the dark ceiling. As tired as he was, he couldn’t sleep. They’d spent the evening pretending to be engrossed in pizza and TV. Awkwardness was the rule of the day, even more so when they undressed.

The word came out sharp. Dan’s breaths were short and rapid. ” In for a penny, in for a pound. The old saying popped into his head as he made the offer. The silence made up Rich’s mind for him. ” The word stretched into a moan. Rich rolled to the edge of the mattress. The beds were so close only one of Rich’s feet touched the floor as he joined Dan. A tiny shaft of light slivered through the drapes and highlighted Dan’s face. Lust and confusion battled in his eyes. Dan’s breath was reduced to shallow pants.

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