A Companion to the Great Western Schism (1378-1417) (Brill's by Joelle Rollo-Koster; Thomas M. Izbicki (editors)

By Joelle Rollo-Koster; Thomas M. Izbicki (editors)

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By Joelle Rollo-Koster; Thomas M. Izbicki (editors)

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He further details how the crowd, unsure of who had been elected and guessing that it was the old cardinal of St. Peter, Francesco Tebaldeschi, rushed to his palace to loot all the goods (bona mobilia) they could find. Once again, he clearly links the pillage to the election. ”112 This author suggests that it is only when the crowd uncovered the French ploy (parading Tebaldeschi) that the cardinals left for Castel Sant’ Angelo. They feared the reaction of the Romans after it was shown that they had duped them with a sham election.

In 1890, Noël Valois 1:36. When popes of either obedience elevated a cardinal-bishop of Ostia during the Schism, they were liturgically legitimizing their office. Contesting the election of either pope on liturgical grounds became impossible because the two parallel cardinal-bishops of Ostia legitimated the consecration of either obedience. Both obediences followed the prescribed liturgy of papal consecration. 119 Robert-Henri Bautier, “Aspects politiques du Grand Schisme,” in Genèse et débuts, p.

The cardinals discussed their options, including how to legitimize a contentious election once peace was restored. Still, as soon as Pedro de Luna proposed Bartolomeo Prignano’s name, the cardinals elected him by the mandatory two-thirds majority vote. Each cardinal clearly spelled 73 Gayet, Le grand schisme, pp. 244–47. Guillaume de la Voulte states, “Tota nocte fuerunt clamando et vociferando fortiter et postea intraverunt in palacio et ruperunt cellarium ubi erat vinum et plures alias cameras, accepterunt illa que sibi placebant et non tantum bibebant vinum sed permittebant exire per terram et fecerunt ut pejus poterant in vino et in aliis rebus que ibi erant, non sicut amici et custodes, sed sicut inimici et destructores, et sic per totam noctem non cessaverunt”; Gayet, Le grand schisme: Pièces justificatives, p.

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